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dentition / расположение зубов, прорезывание зубов, дентиция
имя существительное
расположение зубов
прорезывание зубов
teething, dentition, eruption
имя существительное
the arrangement or condition of the teeth in a particular species or individual.
The dentition of the species is highly reduced, with males possessing one or occasionally two pairs of short teeth in the tip of the lower jaw.
The combination of the body proportions and poorly developed dentition suggest that the hatchlings may have required parental care.
Features one would expect to see in herbivorous dinosaurs that provide some evidence of diet include dentition .
The dentition of these animals was quite peculiar, and very different from that of other cynodonts.
The patient's dentition was normal, and the left mandibular teeth were nontender and immobile.
Because of the tight correlation between dentition and ecology, dental characters can be used effectively to infer aspects of the diet or ecological niche.
These were impressive-looking beasts easily recognized by their distinctive dentition of intermeshing incisors.
Perhaps the strangest dentition is found in the vampire bats, which have enlarged and bladelike incisors and canines, but molars extremely reduced in size and complexity.
The size of the first upper and first lower molar is the least variable in the permanent dentition of most mammals, a pattern that has been confirmed in canids.
The chief limitation on the number of fossil species studied was the rarity in museum collections of skulls with complete dentition , especially incisors.
This paper introduces a quantitative method that describes the entire dentition of carnivores, capturing its functional complexity and heterogeneity.