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dent / вмятина, зубец, выбоина
имя существительное
dent, indentation, dint
tooth, prong, claw, barb, notch, dent
pothole, dent, pock, pockmark, corrugation, pocket
оставлять выбоину
имя существительное
a slight hollow in a hard, even surface made by a blow or by the exertion of pressure.
The guard was hit so hard that the blow left a dent on his safety helmet.
mark with a dent.
the moose dropped a hind foot and dented the hood of the car
All she saw was his armor with a slight dent in it.
Mark punches out angrily at a wall and makes a dent in the surface, hurting his fist.
The guard was hit so hard that the blow left a dent on his safety helmet.
But it is bound to dent the widespread public sympathy to those devastated by foot and mouth disease.
Certainly reason for concern, but money laundering legislation has not made a dent in the criminal drug activities.
My unprofessional opinion of these techniques of harvesting the eels is that it has made a dent in the eel population.
In the first year or so, your monthly bond repayment makes almost no dent in the capital amount owed.
The boot is in the original grey presentation box and is in good condition apart from a dent at the front.
A signature-revocation effort by opponents made a dent in the final tally but was not enough to keep the initiative off the ballot.
The black paintwork of this car was in very good condition, the only marks being a small scuff on the rear bumper plus a slight dent on the off side rear wheel arch.