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density / плотность, густота, удельный вес
имя существительное
density, thickness, closeness, solidity, consistency, hardness
density, thickness, depth, substance
удельный вес
specific gravity, specific weight, density
имя существительное
the degree of compactness of a substance.
a reduction in bone density
Because it is a weight bearing activity, skating can build bone density to a certain degree.
Phone based cameras don't yet have sufficient image density to compete with true digital cameras, but they will in a few short years.
a reduction in bone density
chip density doubles every eighteen months
a density of 10,000 per square mile
The formula is easily derived by making assumptions about the mass density of the earth.
While in its early stages, the technology shows potential for high speed, high density storage of data, while retaining data even when power is turned off.
a density of 10,000 per square mile
The image will lighten considerably during clearing, but don't worry because all the lost density will return during toning and fixing.
We are further informed that scientific theories fail at a singularity, which is an event involving infinite mass, density , pressure and temperature.