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dense / плотный, густой, дремучий
имя прилагательное
dense, tight, thick, solid, close, compact
thick, dense, bushy, heavy, rich, deep
dense, thick
имя прилагательное
closely compacted in substance.
dense volcanic rock
(of a person) stupid.
The American agent looked at Logan as if he were a math teacher trying to explain a simple problem to a dense student.
(of a text) hard to understand because of complexity of ideas.
Once you've got past the first layer of the menu system, which uses a screen full of icons, the subsequent menus are dense lists of text.
Zimera noticed the tension in the room; even she wasn't dense enough not to notice it.
But the text was so dense and so long that I imagine few people will have read it.
Even a relatively dense dad like myself could sense that something was wrong.
The airspace in which the aircraft is to be operated is dense with other aircraft and restrictions.
If the theatre audience is dense and does not applaud, canned applause should stand in, on the ready.
As it turns out, your ears are particularly dense with these pressure points.
The authors of the Enlightenment loved accessible fiction far more than dense treatises.
We believed that there are many ways to be a boy, and we knew as well that manhood should be dense with possibilities and potential.
Sometimes I really believed that the guy was dense instead of the genius he was.
Page's poems have suddenly entered our relationship: the moment is dense with meaning for me.