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denounce / денонсировать, осуждать, разоблачать
condemn, judge, denounce, criticize, convict, censure
expose, disrobe, unmask, denounce, show up, reveal
publicly declare to be wrong or evil.
the Assembly denounced the use of violence
The writers say they were tortured and forced to publicly denounce their work.
Another example was last year's ban on the celebrations of the 500 years of discovery, which was denounced as a fraud.
The records project an image of the denouncers - who, not surprisingly, tended to come from the same milieu as those on whom they informed - as drawn largely from groups at the lower end of the social scale.
Of course, I would never think of publicly denouncing a guy just because I don't like the way he draws.
Weir was arrested and confessed to sorcery; his sister Grizel was denounced as a witch.
Any outside suggestion that reform was overdue was denounced as an assault on our sovereignty.
As government workers, they should have shunned the denouncement of the impeachment, which is a sort of intervention in politics, especially around the time of the approaching general elections.
Far from being the transport revolution expected, the service was denounced as a shambles, a farce and the last resort.
If he has not abused his authority and betrayed children, he is still guilty of not denouncing those who did.
An informer who denounces someone to the government to be killed, imprisoned, or even fined is likened to an assailant, since being arrested can be a dangerous and traumatic experience.