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denote / обозначать, означать, указывать
denote, designate, mark, define, note, denominate
mean, indicate, denote, imply, signify, represent
indicate, specify, point, point out, show, denote
be a sign of; indicate.
this mark denotes purity and quality
To avoid any misunderstandings, I will use the term symbol to denote elements of the set.
Sigma is the Greek symbol used to denote deviations from the mean.
The main drawback of the Linnean system is that groups must be named with suffixes that denote their rank in this hierarchy.
I think a lot of people who are drawn to witchcraft sometimes will get a tattoo, or mark themselves in some way to denote a rite of passage or an experience.
Now of course this comment is based on knowledge of our own decimal system which is a positional system with nine special symbols and a zero symbol to denote an empty place.
Four pieces of missing homework did not, in Josh's opinion, denote a letter home, and all the hassle that entailed.
X and Y aren't a formula; they're a pair of mathematical symbols used to denote an unknown quantity.
The names of the strains denote the place where the virus originated or was first isolated.
In Courchevel, pay attention to the numbers after the name (which denote the height in metres).
Question marks denote instances where digit identity could not be assigned with certainty.