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denotation / обозначение, название, смысл
имя существительное
designation, symbol, name, sign, denomination, denotation
name, title, designation, denomination, appellation, denotation
meaning, sense, point, significance, value, denotation
имя существительное
the literal or primary meaning of a word, in contrast to the feelings or ideas that the word suggests.
beyond their immediate denotation, the words have a connotative power
Poetic language is not merely the reversion of the direction Agamben identifies in the western experience of language, substituting a language of indication or denotation for a language of meaning.
A single flaw in the process could send the entire denotation of the page askew.
The shared nature of this trust suggests its denotation as communal trust.
What's the difference between a kind denotation and a set or a mass?
beyond their immediate denotation, the words have a connotative power
That's why I've decided to change the denotation of several ordinary words in order to develop my own slang.
The denotation of the symbol I had little to no interest in; it was the initial R, and the heart drawn around it.
The simplest denotation of a tree, a trunk dividing upward into two thick branches, appears against placeless black.
Revenge was such a malicious and stupid act in some people's definition, but the denotation to her was justice.
It is the policy of the government to prefer that denotation .