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denizen / обитатель, житель, акклиматизировавшееся животное
имя существительное
inhabitant, dweller, occupant, inmate, indweller, denizen
inhabitant, dweller, occupant, habitant, denizen, tenant
акклиматизировавшееся животное
acclimate, acclimatize, denizen, domesticate, naturalize, season
naturalize, denizen, nationalize
принимать в число граждан
имя существительное
an inhabitant or occupant of a particular place.
denizens of field and forest
The denizen was not a citizen nor an alien: but had a status akin to permanent residency today.
Left to his own devices, the denizen of hamburger restaurants would eat fresh carrots and brown rice, his natural choices.
We talk for quite a while, their cigarettes aglow, while I watch a local denizen pass by on the sidewalk three times.
Kit Keith, a longtime St. Louis resident now based in Brooklyn, is a denizen of thrift shops, where she locates such early 1950s treasures as linoleum samples, flowered wallpaper and aging account ledgers.
Ground pine is a rare denizen on the North Downs.
At heart, though, the ferret is a denizen of the countryside, a weasel closely related to the European polecat and the mink.
The denizen was not a citizen because he did not have any political rights: he could not be a member of parliament or hold any civil or military office.
In the case that there is no institution concerning denizenship in the country concerned but there is the equivalent right to the denizenship it will be acknowledged as denizenship.
Deep sea denizens such as the feather star inhabit caves in the wall.
He would play an equal part in rearing our children and help them become good denizens of the country.