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denim / джинсы, джинсовая ткань, грубая хлопчатобумажная ткань
имя существительное
jeans, denim, levis
джинсовая ткань
denim, jean
грубая хлопчатобумажная ткань
имя существительное
a sturdy cotton twill fabric, typically blue, used for jeans, overalls, and other clothing.
He was wearing a pair of dark navy blue denim jeans, and a grey dress shirt that exactly matched the stormy shade of his eyes.
Actually, it's really never too hot to knit, although the heat does put me off of knitting with wool and denim .
Key fabrics in this collection include felt and denim which she treats with dexterity and imagination.
Small and bespectacled, he is wearing a knitted cap, denim jacket and jeans.
He spoke with a local accent and was wearing blue denim jeans and a blue denim jacket.
She was wearing blue jeans, denim jacket, dark brown wig and was carrying a sports bag.
Not to mention the way it hangs off her shoulder and how it goes perfectly with her pair of denim jeans!
Most people treat denim or khaki as black and team other colours with it, some more bravely than others.
He was wearing a blue jacket with white piping, blue denim jeans and either blue or black and white trainers.
Suddenly, a quick small vision comes to me of a cool, gently black guy in blue denim .
This would totally be great to carry to dinner and would be perfect with blue denim .