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denigrate / порочить, чернить, клеветать
defame, denigrate, badmouth, besmirch, tarnish, calumniate
black, blacken, denigrate, badmouth, vilify, slur
slander, denigrate, defame, calumniate, malign, libel
criticize unfairly; disparage.
there is a tendency to denigrate the poor
It's just that we as critics have tended to stand apart and denigrate the content.
there is a tendency to denigrate the poor
doom and gloom merchants who denigrate their own country
They insult their opponents, they denigrate their arguments and they offer few facts.
Any discussion of the concept will be used to criticise and denigrate it.
I wouldn't for a moment wish to decry or denigrate the very real achievements made by disabled people.
These critics claim he denigrates the ‘real’ moral values of Sri Lankan rural life.
They explain the purpose behind the division, to be based on one's profession, but provide no explanation as to how it became the reason for social denigration .
In fact, fair use of the book's content will provide many illuminating facts and vignettes about U.S. agricultural history, but will not prove a source of ammunition for either its celebrators or denigrators .
I suggest that his denigrators know more than he does.