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denature / денатурировать, изменять естественные свойства
denature, denaturate, denaturalize
изменять естественные свойства
denaturalize, denature
take away or alter the natural qualities of.
empty verbalisms and denatured ceremonies
Raising the temperature will most likely denature the protein.
Heat stress can denature proteins, and the cell mobilizes chaperonins like a small army of physical therapists to twist everything back into its proper conformation.
Experimentally, urea and guanidinium chloride are widely used as denaturant agents, but it is still not clear by which molecular mechanism they denature proteins.
Halberstam chronicles some of the hazing and banter, but for the most part this vividly masculine world is denatured .
However, the change in the photovoltage amplitude was at least reversible, and it seems likely that the change was not due to some irreversible denaturation .
Ellis's colors are equally denatured , deadpan and flattened; although at times a kind of cinematic backlighting illuminates them and gives them dimension.
This is music denatured : homogenised, pasteurised, and sterilised.
I guess the tripe was what the cabbage was stuffed with; I don't know because everything was so denatured it had no flavour.
A car on one of the trains is also leaking denatured alcohol, which of course, is extremely dangerous.
Curiously, the same logic also appears to be true of the tourist strip, which, in its own tacky way, is a classic example of how run-amok corporate money can leave a place wholly denatured .