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denationalize / денационализировать, лишать национальных прав, лишать национальных черт
лишать национальных прав
лишать национальных черт
transfer (a nationalized industry or institution) from public to private ownership.
In parallel, state-owned industry was rapidly denationalized and an army of unemployed established.
deprive (a country or person) of nationality or national characteristics.
Brownell, a 1958 case, the Court rejected a constitutional challenge to a provision of the 1940 law that denationalized American citizens for voting in foreign elections.
an attempt to denationalize the state monopolies
Its advocates have urged African countries to privatize and denationalize a wide swath of government services and industries traditionally run by the state.
Well then: refund our taxes, denationalize the roads.
In parallel, state-owned industry was rapidly denationalized and an army of unemployed established.
‘What is important to me is for the privatization process and the transition from one administration to another to proceed smoothly, maintaining at the same time the high quality and speed of denationalization ,’ he said.
State enterprises were first ‘restructured, ‘- i.e., surplus personnel removed - and then denationalised , which was accompanied by mass redundancies.’
The administration is proposing a reorganization that denationalizes operations of the national railroad.
It is the kind of combination that I would describe as a partial denationalizing of some of the functions and work of state institutions.
The picture he draws is not one of corporations denationalized by economic integration and states whose powers have been eroded, as in much current writing on globalization.
One option was to make restructuring of the holding group part of the privatisation, which means that its denationalisation would be delayed.