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den / логово, притон, берлога
имя существительное
lair, den, lie
den, stash, shebang, haunt, dive, joint
den, lair, digs, couch, dig
жить в берлоге
имя существительное
a wild animal's lair or habitation.
He had a dank odor about him like the smell of a wild animal's den .
(of a wild animal) live in or retreat to a den.
the cubs denned in the late autumn
a female mink had set up her den there
Sean was in the den relaxing when he called out to me in the kitchen as I was preparing dinner.
But Scrushy's incompetence went far beyond allowing a den of thieves to run amok in the finance department.
It had obviously been used as a den by various animals in the past, but it seemed to be unoccupied at the moment.
With its small garden courtyard, the club looked, from the outside, more like an inconspicuous Renaissance home than a den of dance iniquity.
Four days later, Shenk's team finds two more kittens at another high-altitude den .
It is currently used as a home office although given its size it could also be used as a den , games room or sixth bedroom.
a den of iniquity
The bar was condemned anew as a den of iniquity, black with the sins of alcohol and secondhand smoke.
Had my father lived, he might have sought my advice the way Nancy's seeks hers, confiding his conflicts in private, in his den .