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demure / скромный, сдержанный, серьезный
имя прилагательное
modest, humble, frugal, small, unassuming, demure
restrained, discreet, reserved, restrain, moderate, demure
serious, severe, grave, earnest, strong, demure
имя прилагательное
(of a woman or her behavior) reserved, modest, and shy.
a demure little wife who sits at home minding the house
Sure she was wiry, but her businesslike combination of grey slacks and white blouse suggested someone quite demure .
The long skirts, the burkhas, the demure looks, the curled tresses, the composure, the sensuality, the shy glance - these are all so hauntingly remindful of a bygone era.
Delicious and demure the dress is successfully re-mastered in a season where soft femininity is the story of the day.
Anne, looking demure in a little black dress, took the microphone in front of a backdrop advertising Herriot Country to thank voters for her increased majority.
Dårlig is a small, white slip behind him, radiant, demure , almost embarrassed by the attention she and her husband are receiving.
It had straps, so it showed a bit of her shoulders, but the dress was demure .
Judith's virtue is indicated by the demure clothing and veil that cover her from head to toe while Holofernes, in contrast, is almost naked.
The wife of the first son is demure and timid, but the wife of the second son answers back to the cousin.
She approached them steadily, trying to remember to be a demure and proper young lady.
They were all speechless, ignoring the delicious food before them, and watched the demure girl glide across the floor towards the zither.