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demote / понижать в должности, понижать в звании, смещать с должности
понижать в должности
demote, reduce, rif
понижать в звании
disrate, demote
смещать с должности
give (someone) a lower rank or less senior position, usually as a punishment.
the head of the army was demoted to deputy defense secretary
He stops mid-stride and grins at me… ‘Hey, you can't stop now… keep going or I'll demote you to just being an ordinary hero’.
Besides simply kicking a player out of a squadron, commanders will be able to permanently ban them and demote players under their rank for the worst offences.
Gerald, I am sorry to do this but I hereby demote you to the rank of ensign and I am confining you to your quarters till further notice.
It's a general rule of management that you never demote anybody important: You fire them, and fast, or else they will sabotage your organization.
He was suspended on a slightly reduced salary for six months, and then he was demoted .
Coffey said she was demoted to the copy desk because of her religious beliefs.
Instead he was demoted two lower grades but was able to collect all his retirement benefits without a hitch.
Two of the soldiers were demoted , and all three were ordered to forfeit their salaries.
I can't believe they're demoting her to a lower class soldier!
Last year the team was demoted from senior ranks but are back up again.