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demonstrate / демонстрировать, проявлять, доказывать
demonstrate, show, display, showcase
show, manifest, exercise, display, demonstrate, develop
prove, argue, demonstrate, show, establish, evidence
clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence.
their shameful silence demonstrates their ineptitude
take part in a public demonstration.
thousands demonstrated in favor of the government
Projects had to be sustainable, give value for money and demonstrate how the public would benefit.
Often those engaged in a navy's work must demonstrate high skill and courage.
she began to demonstrate a new-found confidence
Suddenly Duffy's charges began to demonstrate a bit of pluck.
The following Sunday, a million people gathered in Paris to demonstrate in favour of independent schools.
The learners must demonstrate competence in all technical skills by performing the tasks.
To do that, learn how to perform correctly so you can demonstrate your skills consistently.
Some of these tapes clearly demonstrate the incompetence of the investigation.
A group has been on a rally to London to demonstrate its feelings and has also spelt out its views to Institute chiefs in a bid to keep tuition fees as low as possible.
He ducked in and out of the atmosphere to demonstrate the craft's dual capabilities.