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demonize / демонизировать
portray as wicked and threatening.
seeking to demonize one side in the conflict
And of course you expect the other side to try to demonize him.
Likewise, the movie seeks neither to glorify nor to demonize slavery.
It's very easy, of course, to demonize the other side.
seeking to demonize one side in the conflict
We have to recognize that the other side will demonize us no matter what we actually do so there is no margin in trying to tailor our image.
As such, one side may try to demonize the other by using cognitive stereotypes and simplifications while making their own side appear just.
He is a long time anti-nuclear activist who will seek any opportunity to demonize anything connected with radiation.
That was before the rise of shout TV and the hardening of partisanship and the growing attempts by each side to demonize the other.
The demonization of any people is always wrong.
I know I'll be backed into some argument where fierce partisans insist that if I don't share their wildly unreasonable demonization of the other side I must be… one of them!