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demolish / сносить, разрушать, уничтожать
demolish, take down, raze, tear down, suffer, take
destroy, ruin, break, break down, disrupt, demolish
destroy, kill, consume, demolish, annihilate, eliminate
pull or knock down (a building).
The plans comprise demolishing the pub and building seven three-bedroom houses, a four-storey block of eight, two-bedroom flats and a two-storey block with a flat and car park.
For this tradition, it is Plato's positive claims that are interesting, not just his insistence on argument to demolish the claims of others and to enable one's own understanding of others' positions.
His left foot can demolish teams but there is much more to his game than kicking.
They demolish vast mountains of food, and it's only when that's gone that the party begins to wind down.
So, you are duty bound to go over to his site finish all the free liquor and help to demolish the birthday cake.
There are plans to demolish the Cathedral College buildings and rebuild a £15 million building with a performing arts centre which would open from September 2005.
The straw man fallacy - invent a deliberately weakened version of your opponent's position, demolish it, then claim to have refuted their argument.
People living in Semington have given their support to a campaign to keep the village post office open, despite a planning application to demolish the building that houses it.
Last Saturday against Carlton the players managed to respond to the coach's third quarter reorganization and completely outwit and demolish a team threatening to steal a gritty win.
Match 2 saw them demolish their opponents on the 14th hole winning 6-4.
Back at the ranch Bobby Joe was cooking up a feast of chilly dogs and all the trimmings and on return the golfers proceeded to demolish the food.