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demographics / демография
demography, demographic data, demographic parameters, demographic characteristic
имя существительное
statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it.
the demographics of book buyers
имя существительное
a particular sector of a population.
the drink is popular with a young demographic
In addition to these income gains, there are issues related to population and demographics .
Results were weighted to reflect the demographics of the total U.S. population.
I no doubt acknowledge the fact that provinces differ due to population demographics .
Needless to say, these percentages are changing as the demographics of the online population change.
Next time around this constituency, with its now rapidly changing demographics , will no longer be a safe unionist seat.
Let's turn now to the subject of demographics , with special emphasis on immigration.
Whether a country spends or saves is typically a function of its demographics .
In addition, the survey compares students by basic demographics and by their year in school.
the demographics of book buyers
We gathered information on demographics , tobacco use, and medical and obstetric histories from the women.