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democrat / демократ, член демократической партии
имя существительное
член демократической партии
имя существительное
an advocate or supporter of democracy.
Like the democrats , the advocates of constitutional government also spoke a European language.
a member of the Democratic Party.
Republicans are no less democratic than Democrats, and Democrats just as republican.
As a democrat , I believe that minorities should be protected from the prejudices of the majority when they turn on pursuits they find distasteful.
European and American politicians continually praised him, describing him as an exemplary democrat .
A democrat can hardly object if the people believe that they should restrain themselves by using the courts.
As a democrat I don't believe that any election should go uncontested but there is an argument to be put forward in this case.
As a democrat , I believe it should be possible to have changes of government in line with what people vote for.
I am a union democrat who believes in sponsoring participation and involvement.
He says that as a democrat he believes in social justice and endeavours to make life better for everyone.
I've always called myself a progressive and a democrat, but today I know that to be a democrat you have to be one in practice.
He was a passionate democrat and republican who wrote verse in support of these causes.
As a democrat he argued that democracy and dependence on the military and the police are incompatible, a stand still significant today.