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demobilize / демобилизовать
demobilize, release, discharge, deactivate, muster out
take (troops) out of active service, typically at the end of a war.
he was demobilized in February 1946
Germany demanded that they demobilize within twelve hours
Full-time students withdraw from college when mobilized for 12 months but are notified to demobilize early.
It may be a small victory for peace in the volatile area, but some here say winning the peace and convincing these angry young men to disarm and demobilize might have just come too little too late.
Politically, everyone wants to demobilize reserve soldiers as quickly as possible following a national emergency requiring their presence.
Splinter paramilitary groups did not sign on to the agreement to demobilize .
Germany demanded that they demobilize within twelve hours
After World War II, the U.S. demobilized as quickly as it could.
Washington was trying to put Germany back on its feet while simultaneously demobilizing and turning to domestic matters.
We are using established programs in a more coordinated, focused way to secure civil-service health-care professionals to replace demobilizing reservists.
They were also planning and preparing reception areas for disarming and housing combatants from a variety of armed factions that must demobilise in terms of a set of peace and ceasefire agreements.