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demob / демобилизовать
Within ten weeks of the implementation of this new system, 56 per cent of officers and 78 per cent of men eligible for release were demobbed .
имя существительное
we were waiting for our demob
Half a lifetime later and Brian Aldiss remains in Oxford, quite happy to see out his winter years in a leafy suburb of the city he first came to as a feckless war veteran in a demob suit.
Before my demob in 1965, I dreamed of settling down in York.
Forty years ago this summer, with the map of the Empire all but rolled up, the last British national servicemen returned to Blighty and swapped their battledress for demob suits.
The demob suit also gave rise to the phrase ‘the full monty’ after Montague Burton, as some former soldiers were only given a two-piece suit, while others were given a waistcoat as well.
They moved to a cottage on the outskirts of the city and eked out an existence on Trocchi's demob pay.
Bill's demob papers from the RAF were also discovered intact in the case, which had been home to a family of mice.
we were waiting for our demob
Hmmmm… tomorrow I shall mostly be demob happy, as it's a single day back at work before my week off.
His demob diary, counting down the days until his national service was over, was preserved as a piece of personal history.
He wanted to stay in Hull after his demob in 1946.