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demiurge / демиург, творец, творец или создатель мира
имя существительное
creator, maker, author, architect, father, demiurge
творец или создатель мира
имя существительное
a being responsible for the creation of the universe, in particular.
Gnosticism says that there is a good God, but that God is not responsible for the mess we endure, which is the creation of a demiurge or evil god.
Western concepts of God have ranged from the detached transcendent demiurge of Aristotle to the pantheism of Spinoza.
Call it the demiurge cycle, after the Gnostic notion that our world is governed by a mad ersatz God.
Interwoven with these references to an almost Platonic demiurge are appeals to the selecting power of an active ‘Nature’.
Gnostic teaching distinguished between a perfect and remote divine being and an imperfect demiurge who had created suffering.
A certain mystique attached to the word as a result of analogies often drawn between the creative activity of the artist and the creation of the world by the deity or by a Platonic demiurge in accordance with Ideas or prototypes.
The Gnostics thought that the God worshiped by most Christians was a demiurge or usurper.
It is easy to be impressed with our demiurgical abilities and to believe we can mold digital technology however we desire.
The first triad of these gods is demiurgic ; the second, defensive; the third, vivific; and the fourth, elevating and harmonic.
By contrast, the world we inhabit was created by a lesser, demiurgical being, and is nothing more than a rough, asymmetrical copy of the ‘real’ world.