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demit / уходить в отставку, отказываться от должности
уходить в отставку
retire, resign, step down, demit, check out
отказываться от должности
demit, lay down the duties of office
resign from (an office or position).
arguments within his congregation led to his demitting his post
Smidt was told that his departure was because his name was on a list of rotating directors-general who had to demit office at a certain point.
Responding to criticism about his performance and calls for him to demit office, Joseph told his audience, which included the Deputy Commissioner of Police, ‘People may say all kinds of things.’
‘I will abdicate as king once the Throne Council with its full members are to receive my official letter offering my formal demission of my function as a king,’ he said in a message posted on his website.
Mary's demission or abdication was the effective confirmation of the 1560 settlement.
Robert Simson was the first person to be appointed to the office of Clerk (later known as Clerk of Senate), which he took up in 1728 and only demitted when he retired in 1761.
He said he had been saying for some time that he would like to vacate the leadership of the party and on demitting office, sign the nomination papers of the new leader.
The so-called first trial of 1568 was essentially about the legality of the demission .
Pathan was vice chancellor of the university for two terms and recently demitted the office.