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demise / кончина, смерть, сдача недвижимости в аренду
имя существительное
demise, end, decease, departure
death, dying, demise, end, passing, doom
сдача недвижимости в аренду
сдавать в аренду
rent, lease, farm out, demise, farm
завещать имущество
передавать по наследству
propagate, transmit, demise
имя существительное
a person's death.
Mr. Grisenthwaite's tragic demise
conveyance or transfer of property or a title by demising.
First, where a landlord let premises by demise to a tenant, he was regarded as parting with all control over them.
convey or grant (an estate) by will or lease.
The document itself is at page 1126 in volume 5, and it looks like a common or garden lease demising an interest in land, conferring exclusive possession, for the special purpose of cultivation and grazing.
Obviously he did not believe that he occupied the box room as part of his demise .
According to his nephew, the sudden demise of his uncle was a shock to the family, as he seemed to be in good health during the election on Monday.
Miners' welfare clubs will be placed at the forefront of regenerating communities hit hard by the demise of the coal industry.
The causes for each species' evolutionary transformations and eventual demise are as carefully related as are the details of the lives of its members.
But those days are long gone and the demise of its heavy industry remains the most poignant reminder of the city's former greatness.
Perhaps more pointedly, the backlash to the law had contributed to the defeat of John Adams and to the ultimate demise of the Federalist Party.
the demise of industry
Why highlight the tragic demise of one woman, and gloss over the deaths of the 14 men?
Then you will see the words: by these present demise and lease unto the lessee the natural surface of the land.
The young woman undergoes a transformation after Martin's demise and comes to detest even daylight, staying in the darkness of her bungalow in a remote high-range hamlet.