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demilitarize / демилитаризовать, демилитаризировать
remove all military forces from (an area).
a demilitarized zone
Founded to settle long-standing territorial disputes and to demilitarize borders, the organization now stresses counterterrorism cooperation and regional trade.
That May - after the Indian advance was halted by a massive avalanche that killed a large number of their troops - both sides agreed to demilitarize the summit.
In exchange, it wants the rebels to lay down their arms and demilitarize .
‘It means working for universal demilitarisation and nuclear disarmament,’ he said.
The looming prospect of war has given an upcoming conference on disarmament and demilitarisation a heightened sense of urgency.
That only islands or demilitarized posts remained in French hands was to the good, for it meant less risk of incidents with Britain, at least until France had put its affairs in order and rebuilt its navy.
I think we should think of demilitarizing, demilitarizing the whole of the province.
But analysts and residents have complained this does not include disarming the tribal fighters and demilitarising the town.
French troops also occupied the Rhineland, to ensure that Germany remained demilitarized , as the treaty insisted.
On paper, the accords promised historic and far-reaching changes, particularly in demilitarizing and democratizing the country and recognizing new rights for the indigenous majority.