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demerit / недостаток, выговор, дурная черта
имя существительное
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, demerit
rebuke, reprimand, pronunciation, scolding, reproof, demerit
дурная черта
имя существительное
a feature or fact deserving censure.
the merits and demerits of these proposals
a mark awarded against someone for a fault or offense.
Double demerits for speeding and seatbelt offences over the Easter period have been extended to 11 days to include the Anzac Day holiday weekend.
Governments continue to agonise about ways of reducing the road toll, through speeds, more police, double demerit points, more advertising.
A further 81 drivers were booking for speeding, despite double demerit points.
It was used, for example, when a pupil had received five demerit marks.
The contract between the parties establishes a behaviour policy and a demerit point system.
Double demerit points for speeding and seatbelt offences will operate from December 19 to January 2.
From midnight tonight until midnight Monday March 3, double demerit point infringements will be issued for those who fail to follow the rules.
Double demerit points for motorists caught speeding in 40 kph school zones was one suggestion put forward at a public forum last week.
The double demerit point system is going to be evaluated by the Office of Road Safety not too far down the track.
Drink driving is a crime and is expensive (double fines and double demerit points).
Failure to supply the details of the driver is itself an offence which can result in the owner receiving demerit points or a disqualification.