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demented / безумный, сумасшедший, умалишенный
имя прилагательное
insane, mad, crazy, frantic, reckless, demented
crazy, madman, mad, lunatic, crazed, demented
mad, lunatic, demented, bereft of reason
имя прилагательное
suffering from dementia.
The diagnosis of an independent depressive disorder becomes difficult in the demented patient.
Not to let one musical style last for long, he soon ditched the guitar, grabbed the mic and started back in with some demented rapping.
As Earth orbits the sun, the tubes are lashing through space like water from a demented lawn sprinkler.
Caretakers and physicians often project sensations of hunger and thirst onto severely demented patients with poor oral intake.
To my possibly demented mind there did seem to be something unique, even comical about the framing of the issues.
But, it could be a problem with older, demented patients, or those who are unconscious.
She flailed her limbs and screamed, looking like a poor demented bird.
If he lived to 200, he would never understand females, and the demented way their brains worked.
They fell in the gaily lit hall with a flutter like demented birds attempting flight.
Whenever demented patients travel, it is safe to assume their confusion will worsen for the duration of the trip.
It sounds like an orchestra of demented bassoonists playing at full tilt.