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demeanour / поведение, манера вести себя
имя существительное
behavior, conduct, demeanor, actions, action, bearing
манера вести себя
demeanor, demeanour
имя существительное
outward behavior or bearing.
a quiet, somber demeanor
His non-smiling demeanour is all about the importance of being earnest.
Despite the new grown-up demeanour , some aspects of the girl still spill over.
If he was living the high life, his appearance and demeanour gave no hint of it.
He gave coherent answers to questions and his demeanour appeared to be normal.
He said his demeanour and attitude during questioning was not that of a man who had something to hide.
My previously sunny and happy demeanour changed to one of abject horror.
his happy demeanour
His demeanour as a speaker at the luncheon had to some extent prepared me.
Anger and resentment had elbowed aside his normally amiable demeanour .
Both men are renowned for their friendly demeanour and reassuring manner.