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demeaning / унижать, унижаться, вести себя
humiliate, degrade, stoop, put down, demean, humble
degrade, grovel, stoop, demean, debase, prostrate
вести себя
behave, act, do, conduct oneself, carry, walk
имя прилагательное
causing someone to lose their dignity and the respect of others.
the poster was not demeaning to women
cause a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for (someone or something).
I had demeaned the profession
conduct oneself in a particular way.
no man demeaned himself so honorably
It was the most demeaning , confidence-sapping job I have ever had.
Welfare reformers have imagined that in forcing people to work, a demeaning chapter would close in their lives.
They are going to introduce fair benefits for asylum seekers to replace what they call the demeaning voucher system.
At least we no longer have to listen to her demeaning comments.
Instead of leading the life of an adventurer king, Herc is forced to perform 12 degrading and demeaning labors.
Of course, any Supreme Court Justice guilty of such demeaning action today would become the center of a national firestorm.
People who speak that way are speaking in pejorative, demeaning terms.
The outraged minister found the offer a demeaning Catch - 22.
The word was used twice in a demeaning manner.
Worst of all is his demeaning treatment of my grandmother.