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demean / унижать, унижаться, вести себя
humiliate, degrade, stoop, put down, demean, humble
degrade, grovel, stoop, demean, debase, prostrate
вести себя
behave, act, do, conduct oneself, carry, demean
cause a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for (someone or something).
I had demeaned the profession
conduct oneself in a particular way.
no man demeaned himself so honorably
But when they demean a work of beauty and dignity that has shaped English history and literature as no other book, they invite retribution.
good potential MPs would not demean themselves by setting out to acquire popularity
We demean the concept of safety and undermine the teaching profession when responsibility is only advocated in one direction.
Litter-strewn streets, graffiti and derelict buildings demean residents' quality of life and devalue the visitor experience.
While comparing products, they were not allowed to degrade or demean the merchandise offered by competitors.
There are ways and means of showing respect without such references, which only demean the person who makes use of the term.
Women were humiliated and brutalised as part of a campaign to demean their ethnicity.
But it not only demeans women, it also demeans the men that buy it, as well as everybody that makes money from it.
But you abused, debased and threatened that woman, threatening her and demeaning her.
I would not mind if they only demeaned themselves .