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demarcate / разграничивать, разделять, проводить демаркационную линию
differentiate, demarcate, delimitate, demark, mark off
divide, share, separate, split up, partition, demarcate
проводить демаркационную линию
demarcate, demark
set the boundaries or limits of.
plots of land demarcated by barbed wire
Four towers, originally built to demarcate the boundaries of Bangalore, are now very much inside city limits.
The Act did not only attempt to demarcate land that would be reserved for Africans.
This requires new ways of thinking about partition and division, re-negotiating the physical traces used to demarcate territorial boundaries.
By defining criminal activity as deviation, his solutions demarcate knowledge as separate from violent power.
Over time, the lines that demarcate different approaches have become more visible.
By why not tape off or somehow demarcate a clear boundary as to where people who live here can stroll and stand and where they can't?
Consuming the local also serves to demarcate and differentiate the ‘traveller’ from the ‘tourist’ who is mocked for seeing India through the window of a bus.
Therefore, we would like to demarcate our products by launching different product lines.
Each phase, though not distinctly demarcated from the others, produces its own set of specific markers.
Those who died were buried in a separate plague cemetery in the grounds, in graves demarcated only by numbers.