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demanding / требовательный, взыскательный, требующий
имя прилагательное
demanding, exacting, exigent, strict, severe, difficult
demanding, exacting, exigent, strict
requiring, demanding
имя прилагательное
(of a task) requiring much skill or effort.
she has a busy and demanding job
ask authoritatively or brusquely.
“Where is she?” he demanded
The temptation is to linger over these while neglecting other, more demanding tasks.
My dream for the business is that we can continue to provide affordable, quality childcare that meets the demands of a very demanding customer base.
These boats are old, inefficient, and in some cases in need of extensive work if they are to meet the demanding safety standards that now apply to Ireland's fishing fleet.
The design team reasoned women are the most demanding customers and if you meet their expectations you exceed expectations of men.
He was involved in technically demanding work for which he was plainly well qualified.
The aspirations of these voters are far higher than other voters and hence, they are more demanding and impatient.
She could've kicked herself for the demanding tone in which she asked the question.
They no longer had to worry about a hungry baby, a demanding teenager, or a simple lack of time.
Both ultrasound and resonance measurements in crystals are very demanding in terms of sample size and preparation requirements.
It is a highly complex and demanding task that requires that a number of skills be performed simultaneously.