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delve / копаться, рыться, копать
delve, rummage, rummage about, grub, loiter, rummage in
rummage, delve, burrow, scrabble, rummage about, rummage in
dig, delve, excavate, peck, shovel, scoop
имя существительное
cavity, depression, hollow, trough, valley, delve
pothole, gully, hollow, pitfall, delve
pit, hole, delve
reach inside a receptacle and search for something.
she delved in her pocket
He knew not if she wanted him to delve into the tunnels once more or to stay put.
The robot has tiny arms that can reach in between ribs and delve into the heart, and it apparently even sews stitches more smoothly than a person.
as we delve further into the atom's secrets
Pretty soon, I was able to close my eyes and delve inside myself, to search for my core of power hidden within my inner being.
Then again, whenever he tried to delve into his own background history, something inside of him would be fraught with stress and discomfort.
The authors delve into some research prototypes on presence management and detection.
Today on the program we delve inside the minds of criminal defence lawyers; how do they see their role, and how do they defend clients they suspect are guilty?
the society is determined to delve deeper into the matter
He told us that, despite his full support for using an advanced machine to delve inside a mummy and uncover its secrets, the project had lost its way and its credibility.
My friend - no ordinary being - a doctor by profession, a compassionate man by nature, decided he had to delve into the world of alternate healing to reach out to his fellow brethren.