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deluge / потоп, наводнение, поток
имя существительное
flood, deluge, cataclysm
flood, deluge, inundation, floodwaters, overflow, spate
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, deluge
flood, inundate, submerge, overflow, swamp, deluge
flood, overrun, infest, inundate, deluge, saturate
имя существительное
a severe flood.
But the scale of last year's flooding surpassed these previous deluges , with 45 square kilometres of land submerged.
inundate with a great quantity of something.
he has been deluged with offers of work
A perfect deluge of rain instantly followed, and the roads were quickly flooded.
The game ended in a deluge of rain and sleet but to the credit of both teams they continued to play positive football to the end.
A titanic crash of thunder heralds the return of the darkness and the onset of a truly biblical deluge .
Police fielded a deluge of car vandalism complaints from motorists in north and west Wiltshire over Christmas.
A deluge of email has arrived from people who read one of last week's postings and want to know three reasons why, specifically, the Russians beat us into space but not to the moon.
Move potted plants you want to protect from freezing under the eaves of the house or some other spot where they will be protected from the deluge of winter rains.
These letters have triggered a deluge of complaints to the watchdog, who seems to be treating them sympathetically, although he's no soft touch.
And, when he stood entranced in the eye of the storm, he did not think that the deluge would close over him.
The recent deluge and the resulting floods have no doubt made many househunters think about what dangers they could encounter when buying a new house.
Anyway, after that little digression, I am pleased to report that we had a deluge of rain here yesterday.