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delivery / доставка, поставка, передача
имя существительное
supply, delivery, procurement, purveyance
broadcast, transfer, transmission, gear, pass, delivery
имя прилагательное
supply, feeding, delivery, nutrient, nutritive, trophic
имя существительное
the action of delivering letters, packages, or ordered goods.
allow up to 28 days for delivery
the process of giving birth.
injuries sustained during delivery
an act of throwing or bowling a ball or striking a blow.
a quick, compact delivery that sent the ball zinging
the manner or style of giving a speech.
her delivery was stilted
the supply or provision of something.
delivery of electricity at a specified price
The deregulation of letter delivery is only the latest measure in the break up of the state-run postal services that has been underway for two decades.
The process of service delivery of employees who were or who had been users of mental health services differed from that of employees who had not.
Haven't we all found the quality of our speech delivery changing with our feelings as we experience thrill, anger, fear, joy or other such strong emotions?
Two profound changes in our society have enabled small companies such as us to survive: the Internet and parcel delivery systems.
a quick, compact delivery that sent the ball zinging
The move has forced pregnant women who have been receiving care in private clinics to be sent to public hospitals for delivery or to give birth in private clinics requisitioned by the government.
It's quite common for women to suffer some discomfort after childbirth, particularly if there was an episiotomy - a cut to make delivery easier.
Major malformations are often noted at delivery or shortly after birth, and a genetic consultation is usually requested prior to discharge from the hospital.
It was signed last May, but in no way sealed, and delivery is uncertain.
He relies on a hard sinking fastball thrown with a sidearm delivery .