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deliverance / избавление, освобождение, заявление
имя существительное
deliverance, disposal, release, escape, riddance, rescue
release, liberation, exemption, emancipation, relief, deliverance
statement, application, declaration, claim, allegation, deliverance
имя существительное
the action of being rescued or set free.
prayers for deliverance
a formal or authoritative utterance.
On the contrary, it was a faith of pure practical reason, securely founded in the authoritative deliverances of the moral consciousness, that he sought to legitimize; nothing less would do.
Although the person feels free, he often needs much more deliverance .
As you led everyone in a prayer for deliverance from any curse over their lives, I felt a definite sense of release from bondage.
From there, still an alcoholic, he travelled to South Africa, still looking for deliverance .
prayers for deliverance
The aim of deliverance must continue to apply methods and paths of salvation.
He ministered in mercy to the suffering, ministered healing to the incurable, ministered deliverance to those in bondage, ministered forgiveness to the fallen!
Afraid he had not sacrificed in the proscribed manner, he squeezed his eyes shut and called out a prayer to God for deliverance .
Biblically, salvation means deliverance ; the question is, ‘Deliverance from what?’
After the first diaries, which deal with years of persecution and suffering, one expects this one to be a chronicle of deliverance .
Such structures can be read as dramas of redemption, of deliverance from the chaotic environment of an unreasoning nature.