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deliverable / подлежащий доставке
supply, delivered
имя прилагательное
able to be delivered.
goods in a deliverable state
имя существительное
a thing able to be provided, especially as a product of a development process.
The better you understand the software's underlying logic flow, the easier and faster it will be to produce and discuss the deliverables you and your clients want.
So it's much more deliverable out of our hands than would have been the case before.
Getting planning permission for such a deliverable project would be a major step but we have a lot of work to do in putting funding to together.
‘The research projects should be based on deliverable outputs, rather than on the input desires of individuals or groups,’ he says.
These ambitions, however, need to be turned into a credible and deliverable programme of investments…
Mustard gas is close to irrelevant weighed against the threat of nuclear weapons, especially effectively deliverable ones.
If we are not going to find these moneys, either scrutiny or the Council needs to come up with a deliverable idea to make savings.
And happen it will before the last bar of deliverable silver is gone.
The next step is to identify a pair of ‘readily deliverable , high quality projects’ that it hopes to get its teeth into before Christmas.
Will the emphasis continue to be on deliverable targets that can be linked back to government policies, even if this risks displacing other (possibly more important) goals?
It should also include deliverable milestones all along the way.