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deliver / поставлять, доставлять, передавать
supply, deliver, produce, cater, purvey, run
deliver, bring, supply, take, get, furnish
pass, transmit, transfer, send, convey, deliver
bring and hand over (a letter, parcel, or ordered goods) to the proper recipient or address.
the products should be delivered on time
state in a formal manner.
the President will deliver a speech
assist in the birth of.
the village midwife delivered the baby
They must also monitor commitments closely, and deliver on promises.
As respecters of rules and regulations they also expected their politicians to say what they mean, and deliver on their promises.
the court was due to deliver its verdict
We had a window of opportunity to deliver the promises to the town and the members and I as chairman feel I let the club down by failing to do so.
deliver us from misery
We remain confident that we're on time and will be able to deliver a referendum later this year.
He said the achievements of the past five years were an effective guarantee that he would deliver his promises.
The task of providing evidence that a service will deliver its promises becomes more difficult where the service is highly intangible.
For the minister, it is the first major test of whether he can bring the most powerful lobby group in the industry onside and deliver the promises set out in the health strategy.
Maybe they will give him a campaign contribution, but how many votes will they deliver to the member in 12 months' time?