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delinquency / преступность, проступок, правонарушение
имя существительное
crime, criminality, delinquency
offense, misdemeanor, misconduct, fault, wrongdoing, delinquency
offense, delinquency, wrong, wrongdoing, delict, trespass
имя существительное
minor crime, especially that committed by young people.
social causes of crime and delinquency
Theorists should acknowledge the role and importance of the peer group in explanations of crime and delinquency .
It regards lack of social control as a determinant of crime and delinquency , including runaway as an early sign.
Rather, both traditions framed crucial social policies in such areas as education, child welfare, delinquency , imprisonment, crime prevention, and mental health.
In some cases, relative income deprivation may also contribute to the growth of significant social problems, including crime, delinquency , and high rates of suicide and drug use.
The question on crime and delinquency was particularly nice.
While urban police are the public officials who most directly regulate juvenile crime and delinquency , their work has rarely been considered in histories of juvenile justice.
These expectations are consistent with the observation that departure from their own culture would increase the risk of crime and delinquency .
There was a sentimental love for an old con, an eager romanticising of gaol and crime and social delinquency .
In doing so, crime and delinquency are seen as the consequence of individual pathology and association with a ‘bad crowd.’
There was no crime or childhood delinquency on her record.