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delineate / очерчивать, описывать, обрисовывать
outline, delineate, define, sketch
describe, depict, report, declare, portray, delineate
outline, depict, delineate, picture, feature, depicture
describe or portray (something) precisely.
the law should delineate and prohibit behavior that is socially abhorrent
First, labor law must more clearly delineate such threats as illegal, and impose big enough penalties to deter employers from making them.
Further studies are needed to identify these factors and to delineate their precise mechanism of action.
The beltlines crisply delineate the upper and lower body sections, and combine with the panel curvature to add tension to the surprisingly plain sides.
In-depth interviews of women with subclinical eating disorders delineate these characteristic behaviors.
He also changed the position of the lines used to delineate the alleged ‘paleosol’.
This is not intended to be an exhaustive list; building secure software requires much more than what we delineate here.
the law should delineate and prohibit behavior that is socially abhorrent
And over the past few decades it has become ever more difficult to delineate these boundaries.
Because the two institutions stand apart, they can decide whether to recognize the legitimacy of the other but they cannot delineate each others boundaries.
While this does not change the basic modular structure of networks, it makes it more difficult to delineate the exact boundaries of these characters.