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delict / деликт, правонарушение, нарушение закона
имя существительное
tort, delict
offense, delinquency, wrong, wrongdoing, delict, trespass
нарушение закона
offense against the law, outrage, anomie, delict, anomy
имя существительное
a violation of the law; a tort.
an international delict
In the result the public was deprived of critical information and it does not matter which pigeonhole the delict best fits.
I do not think that the solution is to be found in a process of categorisation, whether of the nature of the delict or the loss in respect of which damages are claimed.
an international delict
an international delict
The court held that for the purposes of the Brussels Convention, now the Brussels Regulation, this was a claim in tort, delict , or quasi-delict.
The general rule is that the applicable law is the law of the country in which the events constituting the tort or delict in question occur.
claims in tort or delict
The appellant in the present instance asks that her case be approached as a case of delict [i.e. tort], not as a case of breach of contract.