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delicious / восхитительный, очень вкусный, приятный
имя прилагательное
delightful, delicious, lovely, adorable, delectable, admirable
очень вкусный
pleasant, enjoyable, nice, agreeable, pleasing, delicious
имя прилагательное
highly pleasant to the taste.
delicious home-baked brown bread
имя существительное
a red or yellow variety of eating apple with a sweet flavor and a slightly elongated shape, originally cultivated in the US.
Jonathons, Delicious , or any other sweet variety produce excellent results without the addition of sugar.
There will be the opportunity to taste many of the delicious products displayed.
it smells delicious
Now that's actually really good for your voice and it tastes absolutely delicious .
No worries, they taste delicious and you will probably find your guests gobble them all up in no time.
It was delicious and very moreish and one which I'll try to recreate at home.
I often put a table out of doors at my house in Surrey and pile it with big pots of delicious pasta and salads.
I chose the Thai fishcakes and mango salad, which were delicious and had a great chilli kick.
In fact, the whole middle third of the album is just delicious .
it's been a delicious day for cycling
When he eventually opened the foil packet, the smell was amazing and the venison tasted delicious too.