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delicacy / деликатес, деликатность, лакомство
имя существительное
delicacy, dainty, delicate, frill, regale
delicacy, lightness, light-hand
delicacy, dainty, kickshaw, knick-knack
имя существительное
the quality of being delicate, in particular.
a choice or expensive food.
asparagus was considered a delicacy by the ancient Greeks
The very delicacy of their situation is what provokes the attention-seeking behaviour.
He claimed to have painted these pictures from the need to make a living, yet they have a fragile delicacy that is precious and rare.
The DVD brings out these fleeting changes of visual texture with delicacy and firmness.
You get a sense of shared solitude, conveyed subtly but precisely, with masterly delicacy and without ostentatious ‘acting’.
A topic that needs to be treated with delicacy and discretion.
Then, in 1963, he travelled to California and developed a Pop Art style all his own - blazing colours, delicacy of line, geometrical buildings painted in oil and acrylic.
No, saris are not symbols of delicacy , of fragile femininity; of posh don't-get-your-hands dirty pettiness!
This was a situation which the arbitrator found to be one of ‘obvious delicacy … one of considerable difficulty’.
The fine furnishings bespoke delicacy and elegance that belied the shop's humble line of business.
My father carries on talking in this gentle voice, and I can see now that he has prepared for this carefully, and is handling the situation with great finesse and delicacy .