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deliberative / совещательный
имя прилагательное
deliberative, advisory, consultative, consultive
имя прилагательное
relating to or intended for consideration or discussion.
a deliberative assembly
But at no point does anyone engage in any real deliberative legal analysis about the actual legality of the orders.
And I think on that issue the caucus has to say, no, we will have a deliberative process and look at options to give us a real reform bill.
Brain activity decreased in the dorsolateral prefontal cortex, which is associated with deliberative thought.
Do these not include the expressive and deliberative interests people have in formulating their own conceptions of the good life?
This third way of using primary sources engages students in deliberative discussions beginning with a seminal document.
There's something wistfully pinheaded about deliberative democracy - it sounds a lot like law school.
The Senate describes itself, without apparent irony or hint of self-awareness, as the world's greatest deliberative body.
It's easy to forget that the Senate is considered by some to be a deliberative body.
The exception that proves the rule is the deliberative assembly.
When we respond emotionally to situations, for example, we usually do so without extensive deliberative thought or analysis.