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deliberate / преднамеренный, осознанный, намеренный
имя прилагательное
deliberate, aforethought, premeditated, willful, calculated, purposeful
deliberate, perceived
intentional, deliberate, purposive, advised, designful, calculated
confer, consult, deliberate, hold a consultation, get together, pow-wow
discuss, debate, consider, argue, deliberate, dispute
think, ponder, consider, think over, mull, deliberate
имя прилагательное
done consciously and intentionally.
a deliberate attempt to provoke conflict
engage in long and careful consideration.
she deliberated over the menu
The camp location was chosen with careful and deliberate thought.
It was a very deliberate decision when I started the site that I was going to swear like a trooper.
Another sort of deliberate attempt to purposely sabotage you?
The jury is continuing to deliberate on another charge of false accounting and another of furnishing false information.
It was a deliberate decision to challenge myself.
Most of the hostility faced by conservatives is not explicit, and often not conscious or deliberate .
Thus, we must take measured but deliberate steps in our financial war on terrorism.
He said there is no deliberate attempt to provoke feelings of isolation, but the looped video of a train constantly leaving the viewer stranded is a touch eerie.
my action was deliberate
This correspondence and subsequent appropriation may not have been deliberate or completely conscious.