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deli / гастроном, гастрономический магазин
имя существительное
deli, gastronome, gourmet, gastronomer, gastronomist
гастрономический магазин
deli, delicatessen
I'm a city girl who loves Thai takeout, and I usually buy my wine from the corner deli .
We huddled together, on our landings, in the laundromat, at the corner deli .
The range of food will also be expanded with a new salad bar, chicken rotisserie and an enlarged deli , bakery and fish and meat counter.
Every couple of blocks has its own deli , grocery, laundromat, coffee shop and so on.
These areas have become known as the focal point for the prosperous and wealthy, due to the services on offer such as schools, shops and delis .
The pedestrian-oriented commercial areas they left us lend themselves to neighbourhood produce shops, bakeries, delis and cafés.
Fresh olives are available in delis , supermarkets, farmers markets.
The gossamer-thin spring-roll pastry can be bought from Oriental food stores and some speciality food halls and delis .
Meanwhile, organic food has gone from farmers' markets to delis in west London, with organic supermarkets in the smartest parts of town.
Then he just turned around and walked west, to where a couple of blocks down was a supermarket, and several delis .