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deleterious / вредный, вредоносный
имя прилагательное
harmful, adverse, detrimental, pernicious, bad, deleterious
deleterious, maleficent, damnific
имя прилагательное
causing harm or damage.
divorce is assumed to have deleterious effects on children
The resulting instability often has deleterious effects on the children of the relationship.
Actions taken because of the fear of this older future are already having deleterious effects for lots of older people.
This type of genetic shuffling may have unpredictable, often deleterious effects.
Special tax treatment for health benefits has several deleterious effects.
In fact, the war itself would have had a deleterious effect on tourism, one would have thought.
As for carbon dioxide emission - if this does have a deleterious effect, how should we deal with the problem?
So what can be done to wind back the deleterious effects of confidentiality agreements on public safety?
I think, to that degree, it may have had a deleterious effect upon the medium since then.
We should vigorously oppose such a show, which can only have a deleterious effect on the moral and spiritual climate of our city.
Nor do they show evidence of any long-term deleterious effect in children attending day-care from an early age.