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delete / удалять, стирать, исключать
delete, remove, move away, extract, purge, expel
wash, erase, wear, wear off, obliterate, delete
exclude, rule out, eliminate, delete, expel, foreclose
remove or obliterate (written or printed matter), especially by drawing a line through it or marking it with a delete sign.
the passage was deleted
имя существительное
a command or key on a computer that erases text.
I accidentally hit the tiny delete key instead of backspace.
You can't just hit delete , you have to rip the pages or white out the text.
Pressing the delete button gives you control over your life.
The IHI list of medications is provided as a beginning framework, and health care organizations can add or delete medications from the list.
It is also advising on its website that anyone who receives this email should delete it.
Plus, I reckon it also takes more time to carry real junk mail to the rubbish and deposit it than it does to hit the delete key.
Memory module prices were quite high and you needed a computer to add or delete music.
With items such as the sauces, he is more than willing to include or delete ingredients, as he says that everything is made fresh to order.
Most times we reach straight for the delete key; that's what it's there for.
In many cases, criminals think that they can permanently delete information from their computers by hitting Delete on the keyboard.
Next, I hit the delete button to remove the email.