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delectable / восхитительный, усладительный, прелестный
имя прилагательное
delightful, delicious, lovely, adorable, delectable, admirable
charming, lovely, pretty, adorable, delectable, exquisite
имя прилагательное
(of food or drink) delicious.
delectable handmade chocolates
Whether it's plucking delectable mushrooms from the ground or pulling fruit straight off the trees, gathering wild food is incredibly satisfying.
Juicy mangoes are one of our most delectable delights.
Licking the last of the delectable onion sauce off his fork, he carefully pushed his cutlery together and sat back in his chair, satiated.
Endearing, charming, sweet, delightful, cute, and delectable constitute most of the list.
This is a stylish cosy bar with delectable drinks and soul-filled sounds.
In reality, it's not a sacrifice - there are far too many delectable foods on the healthy foods chart.
Master chefs have their hands full preparing a variety of delectable dishes with zany flavours and tangy taste.
Also excellent are the marinated lamb skewers, served with delectable peanut sauce.
All in all, everything was delectable , delightful, and pleasing.
It takes a pretty good cook to turn meat, fish, vegetables and other ingredients into a delectable dish.